Helpful Tips


Children should be dressed in comfortable washable clothing. Parents are responsible for all baby wipes, powder, diapers, etc. All removable clothing items and blankets should be marked with the child's name. Please bring a complete change of clothes in a small bag labeled with your child's name on the outside. Some children in the Day Care do have accidents from time to time, even with the most expert toilet training.

Arrival & Departures

Children may not enter or leave the center unless accompanied by an adult. Upon arrival, please be sure a staff member is fully aware that your child is arriving or leaving. These times can get chaotic when there are several families arriving all at once. So for the safety of all please verbally communicate with the staff member duty to ensure that your child is being signed-in or signed-out. The center is required to maintain daily attendance records. These sign-in sheet and sign-out attendance sheets are extremely important to ensure that ll children are present and safe throughout the day and during evacuation drills as well.

Illness & Disease

  1. Please do not bring your child if he or she is not feeling well or exhibits signs of potential illness such as runny nose, persistent coughing, fever, rashes, pink eye, vomiting, strep throat or diarrhea.
  2. Children will be screened by the staff, if symptoms of illness are present, a sick child cannot be admitted. Only in this way can we reduce the possibility of another child passing an infection to your child. Please make arrangements to have your child picked up if you will not be available.
  3. If your child appears ill while under our care we will attempt to isolate him or her and call you immediately.
  4. If your child has been ill, it is advisable to keep him or her home until the symptoms are gone.
  5. Please notify the center if your child contracts any of the following childhood diseases: Chicken Pox, Mumps or Measles. Also any sign of head lice.


Please notify the staff if there are any types of foods or liquids that your child cannot take because of allergies. Please provide doctor's statements for our Day Care records.

Toilet Training
With cooperation from the parents, our program will help toilet train children. When the parents and staff agree that the child is ready for toilet training, they will discuss training methods that should be consistent between both at home and during child care times. Please dress children in clothing that they can have easy access to use the bathroom.

Lunches are provided at the center, as well as a breakfast around 9:00 AM and a snack at 3:00 PM. Children need to be signed in by 9:30 AM in order to receive a lunch.

Snacks & Birthdays
We are asking the parents not send sweet treats with children, but we do encourage parents to bring healthy snacks to share during their child's birthday.

Toys From Home
Children are not allowed to bring toys from home, the center has plenty of toys for the children to play during the day.

We assess the seriousness of the emergency and the (with the release in place) transport the child to the hospital. We then notify the parents, if not available, we then go through the list of emergency numbers supplied to us on the enrollment form. In a case where the child cannot be moved we notify the ambulance then call the parents immediately.

Change of Information
Please notify us as soon as possible regarding change of legal guardian, telephone numbers, addresses, employer, and change in authorized people for pick up.

Pick Up of Children
Your child will not be released to anyone except those you have designated on the enrollment form and those you have designated in writing to the center.

Rest Time
Please bring a small blanket from home marked with your child's name for the rest time. Please remember to take the blankets home to be washed on th
e weekend.