Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance


(T.E.R.O.) 96-SP

O-05 & 2004-SPO-02

The purpose of this Ordinance is to assist in and require the fair employment of Indians on or near the reservation, prevent discrimination against Indians in the employment practices of Reservation employers, and set forth Indian preference requirement of Reservation employers, contractors and sub-contractors.
All construction contractors are required to give preference to qualified Indians, with first preference to qualified local Indians in all aspects of employment, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, promotion, lateral transfers, retention, training and contracting. No contractor may recruit, hire or otherwise employ a non-Indian for any employment position covered by the Ordinance, unless and until the T.E.R.O. Officer has furnished written notice to the Contractor that no qualified Indians are available for such positions. Preference in hiring shall be given to qualified locally enrolled Indians, then to other enrolled Indians.


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