Men's Re-education Program

26 Week Curriculum
"Reclaiming my role as an indigenous man... "
Resources Provided by the Men's Re-Education Group
  • Increase Community Awareness and Grassroots support to STOP violence against our Native Women.
  • Enhance the infrastructure of the Tribal Justice system's capacity to provide for victim safety & batter accountability by providing a Re-Education Group for men who are Court Ordered for Domestic Violence related crimes committed against women and to provide a positive outlook for a non-violent future.
  • Enhance Public Awareness involvement for men who have battered and are currently in the Men's Re-Education Group by assisting in Awareness Fair Presentation, display booths, etc.
  • Sponsor community presentations, seminars & workshops to educate the tribal people on the dynamics of domestic violence.
  • Sweat lodge healing sessions are are utilized as part of the group process of change by providing purification, clensing & healing of the mind, body & spirit on a once per month basis.
  • Coordinate efforts with other Tribal Departments, support groups and the community in the Re-Education Process.