Napuha Kha Nii "Healing House"

Shoshone-Paiute Domestic Violence Program

*If you need assistance call 911*


 Our service is to promote safe and thriving families, heal the survivor, work to end physical, sexual and emotional abuse. And provide victim support while holding the batterer accountable. 


Please call (208)759-3100 to inquire about our services about our services or make an appointment.



Working in conjunction with local law enforcement, the Advocates provide immediate support, information for victims at the scene of domestic violence and ensure that they have the opportunity to make safe choices.

Advocates offer services designed to help people who are in crisis and address physical needs. 

  • Safety Planning
  • Crisis Intervention with Law Enforcement
  • Court Advocacy
  • Medical Advocacy 
  • Onsite Response and Assistance with Sexual Assault process
  • Support and Advocacy Groups
  • Address Economic Abuse (clothing, food hygiene, etc.)
  • Housing Assistance
  • Emergency Shelter


~We are here for you, you are not alone~