Owyhee Ambulance Service

Welcome to the Shoshone-Paiute (or Owyhee) EMS service of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.

About the Department

The Owyhee Ambulance Service is the only Intermediate Life Support Service that provides emergency medical coverage to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, small adjacent towns of Riddle, ID and Mountain City, NV, and highways ID-51 and NV-225 for approximately 30 miles from the Reservation boundaries. As an Advanced Service, licensed through the State of Nevada, the crew runs 24/7 coverage with support from the local Sho-Pai Volunteer Fire Department as needed. The service provides both emergency response and patient transport with the goal of providing the best care possible to our patients.

On average the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department responds to approximately 600 pre-hospital calls and transport requests per year. All transports are made out of the area via ground or helicopter depending on the need. Furthermore, patients are transported to primarily St. Luke's Elmore in Mountain Home, ID or Northern Nevada Regional Hospital (NNRH) in Elko, NV. Medical Direction comes from NNRH in Elko.

Contact Information

To contact the EMS department with non-emergency intentions such as taking a tour or conducting other business, feel free to visit or telephone us during business hours from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The EMS is operated out of the Owyhee Community Health Facility clinic.

If you have an emergency, we have a crew readily available 24 ours a day. You should dial (775) 757-3624 to obtain the emergency dispatch center so that the ambulance and crew are dispatched with proper pre-scene information, nature of the emergency, and location of the emergency.

When requesting an ambulance please provide your name, the phone number that the dispatch may reach you at, the address of the emergency, the nature of the emergency, and any other information that the dispatcher requests. Stay on the line until the dispatcher states that he/she has all of the information needed.

Owyhee Ambulance Service
P.O. Box 130
Owyhee, NV 89832

Emergency: Call 911
Non-Emergency: (775) 757-2403 ext. 4250 or 4251

(775) 757-2041