Duck Valley Fishing Report


July 31, 2018




Fishing season for Sheep Creek reservoir and Lake Billy Shaw opened on April 1.

Summer temperature have arrived.  Fishing has slowed dramatically over the last two weeks, and angling pressure has decreased.   Surface temperatures have raised considerably.  We are in the process of a campground renovation project at Sheep Creek, so beware of heavy equipment working in the area of the boat ramp.

An important note for anglers:
If you catch a fish with a tag, shown below, please report the tag number, reservoir fish was caught, length of fish, if the fish was kept or released and angling gear used to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (208) 759-3246. This information will help us continue to make Duck Valley fishing a memorable experience.


The Tribal Grocery Store (i.e., Our Store) only sells fishing and camping licenses when the Owyhee ACE Hardware store is closed. The Owyhee ACE Hardware also has a nice selection of fishing gear and worms. They are also the only vendor who can sell (or reserve) camping spots for the powered sites at Mountain View Campground (775-757-2305).

If you should decide to come to our reservation to fish, please contact us following your trip to report your efforts and success. Pictures of happy anglers and their catch are always welcome. Information on size, catch rate, and amount of time spent here is helpful when developing management plans for our reservoirs, also.


Angler Success

Angling pressure has dropped.  Fishing has been very slow.  The fish are deep and not very willing to bite.  Once fall temperature show up the fishing should pick back up.




The weather forecast is calling for highs in the mid 90's and lows in the high 50's.   Due to many wildfires throughout the west the air is quite smokey. For a more detailed forecast of weather conditions in Owyhee and the Duck Valley Indian Reservation,  please click the Weather Underground link provided here: (


Water Temperature


Water Temperature monitoring as been switched to an automated system. The orange buoys, that will be showing up in the reservoirs in the near future, will be suspending temperature loggers. Please do not remove or tamper with these orange buoys.

Road Conditions

Road conditions accessing all reservoirs are in good shape, and the road to Sheep Creek was recently graded.  As always, please be aware that variable weather conditions can make the roads difficult to travel.  Warmer, drier weather will increase road condition quickly.  As always travel with caution following any weather events.






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