Duck Valley Fishing Report




We are excited to announce "FireFly" as our new reservation booking company for the Duck Valley Indian Reservation campgrounds. Here is the website: 



FireFly will be taking camping reservations for the following campgrounds:

18 Mountain View Electrical Camping sites and Dry camping

Sheep Creek Dry Camping Only - 18 Electrical campsites coming soon

Lake Billy Shaw Reservoir Dry Camping ONLY Wildhorse Camping located at Wildhorse, NV


Dry Camping are non-electrical – dry camping, will require a Daily General Camping Permit.  Dry camping fees are charged per camp vehicle, not by campsite.  Campsite fees can be purchased at the time of purchasing an annual fishing permit from our Vendors.  Dry camping is allowed any where around our lakes.  Dry camping is free with a purchased of an annual fishing permit.

Should you need assistance making a camping reservation please feel free to call 208-759-3246 or 800-761-9133 for June or Anamarie.   We’ll be happy to assist you with your camping needs.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time of change.    




June 6, 2024

 (Image taken June 4, 2024, Billy Shaw main dock)







NOTE: The Annual Family Permit only includes "[a] spouse, guardian and children under the age of 18," according to the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes' Fish & Game Ordinance.  



June 6, 2024 –With summer around the corner, much of the valley is in full bloom. Trophy trout are still reportedly caught in all reservoirs, with many biting Powerbait and metallic lures. An increase in temperature means an increase of insect activity on the water’s surface. This sees the evenings alive with ambitious fish breaking the surface, securing a meal, a common sight across all reservoirs. This warm weather will soon be followed by a gradual drop in temperatures, as the end of next week will see temperature slip into the 50’s and 60’s. It would be wise to bring a jacket when you travel.

The Billy Shaw reservoir has been open to fly fisherman April 1, 2024, with anglers out enjoying the exclusive trophy-trout fly fishing experience from a variety of non-motorized floaters and tubes; the electric-motor only waters are located along the west end of the reservation. Mountain View has been doing really good as well, where anglers are pulling big trout, and pulling daily limits constantly.


An important note for anglers:
If you catch a fish with a tag, shown below, please report the tag number, reservoir fish was caught, length of fish, if the fish was kept or released and angling gear used to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (208) 759-3246. This information will help us continue to make Duck Valley fishing a memorable experience.



Vendor Information

Please visit the new online website at: Fireflyreservations, to purchase camping spots for the powered campsites located at the Mountain View Reservoir.




(Image taken June 4, 2024, Billy Shaw main dock)


ACE HARDWARE STORE HOURS                                     

M-F 8:00 AM- 6:00 PM

SA: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM



The Tribal Grocery Store (i.e., Our Store) only sells fishing and camping licenses when the Owyhee ACE Hardware store is closed. The Owyhee ACE Hardware also has a nice selection of fishing gear and worms. They are also the only vendor who can sell (or reserve) camping spots for the powered sites at Mountain View Campground (775-757-2305).

If you decide to come to the reservation of the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes to fish, please contact the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Department to make all arrangements. Anglers are asked to report all efforts and success; Information on size, catch rate, and amount of time spent here is helpful when developing management plans for the reservoirs. Pictures of happy anglers and their catch are always welcome.


Angler Success

June 6, 2024 – Across the reservoirs, the bite hasn’t slowed down. Shore fisherman at Mountain View can catch fish using a variety of techniques and lures. Natural color soft plastic worms wacky rigged and fished on the bottom can target finicky fish during the afternoon. Chasing fish in the evening should see the use of spoons, spinners and soft plastic swimbaits colored green, orange, or red. Another solid choice for anglers is green or orange Powerbait which is often best accompanied by a nightcrawler. For fly fisherman the enticing patterns remain a constant at any reservoir. Chironomids and leeches of brown and olive have been proven to be successful since the beginning of May. The warm weather has seen an increase in the rate of success of damsels and callibaetis flies as well. It is recommended to cast along structure that may conceal fish.


(Image taken June 6, 2024 Mountain View)



June 6, 2024 –The skies have been clear for the most part with the occasional afternoon rain showers being the only deviation. The trend of clear skies continues as the weather slips into the 60’s at the end of next week Low chances of precipitation make this coming week extra inviting when paired with the mild temperature. Wind speeds are also expected to stay moderately low, making for an all around enjoyable environment.

Daily High/Low

  • June 6: 84/52    Partly Cloudy    
  • June 7: 82/56     Sunny                  
  • June 8: 85/57   Partly Cloudy
  • June 9: 78/56   Cloudy
  • June 11: 76/50    Sunny  
  • June 12: 82/51    Sunny
  • June 13: 83/52    Sunny
  • June 14: 65/41    Sunny
  • June 15: 60/36    Sunny


For a more detailed forecast of weather conditions in Owyhee and the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, please click the Weather Underground link provided here.

Road Conditions

June 6, 2024-Reservoir access roads are open and in excellent condition.  Main reservoir access roads are dry and clear.  Off-road 4-wheel drive may be required in some select areas at each reservoir. Please follow all posted speed limits and use caution.




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