Tribal Environmental Protection Program (T.E.P.P.)

Blue Creek

The Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Environmental Protection Program (TEPP) manages several different programs funded through grants by U.S. EPA. The programs include: Water Quality (CWA 106), NonPoint Source (NPS), Superfund, GAP, Wetlands, Pesticides, and the Solid Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Center. The TEPP has provided oversight on the closure of 15 open dumps on the Reservation; assisted in developing and managing an award winning Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Program; assisted the Tribes in developing and continue to build capacity in water quality issues; NonPoint Source problems; pesticide permitting, enforcement, and worker protection; above and underground storage tank management; written ordinances specific to UST's and AST's; formed an alliance with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to continue to work on BIA environmental issues on the DVIR; and provide assisstance with the Rio Tinto Mine mitigation, which currently sits as the number one environmental priority. Environmental issues are continually emerging as the TEPP builds the capacity necessary to identify these additional Tribal environmental protection needs.