Shoshone-Paiute Tribal Headquarters
Physical Address:
1008 Idaho State Highway 51, Owyhee County, ID 83604

Owyhee – Newtown – Thomas Loop
Domestic water customers annual alternate day lawn sprinkling schedule

All home addresses ending in EVEN numbers water on:

All home addresses ending in ODD numbers water on:

Early morning or late evening is the best time to water lawns. This is to ensure we all have adequate drinking water and enough pressure in the fire hydrants for fire protection.

Example: 2204 Bacon Drive
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Example: 1953 Sho-Pai Drive
Monday, Wednesday, Friday


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Points of Interest

Arts & Culture

  • 2013 4th of July Powwow
  • 2013 4th of July Rodeo
  • Annual All Indian Men's & Women's Basketball Tournament
  • Arbor Day Celebration (April)
  • Duck Valley Birthday Celebration (April)
  • Veteran's Day Powwow (November)

Recreation & Scenic

  • Antelope Hunt
  • Blue Creek Wetlands
  • Lake Billy Shaw
  • Mountain View Reservoir
  • Owyhee River
  • Sheep Creek Reservoir

Where is Duck Valley?

The Duck Valley Indian Reservation is situated in a beautiful, green valley on the Nevada and Idaho border. Established by Executive order on April 16, 1877, the site for this reservation was selected by Captain Sam, a Shoshone leader who felt that the plentiful wild game, anadromous fish, wild berries, abundant water and the fertile valley soil held a promising future for our people.  In 1886 and again in 1910 additional land was annexed...

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